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About Craftland

Craftland is a heavily modified Minecraft server that includes plenty of mods, including the Aether!
All of Craftland's mods were well thought out and modified at times as to not break gameplay and add enriching detail to the worlds.
Plus Craftland has its very own unique launcher which makes installing all the mods in it as simple as it can be. It does all of it for you.

Whether you want to become the strongest warrior around, a king of enterprise, Commander of your own fortress, or an artistic builder creating the grandest of designs - Craftland has exactly what you need to get it done. We welcome and await your arrival!

The Tools of Craftland.

Mods / Plugins

Some of the many mods and plugins that the Craftland server offers:

Aether Shaders Pam's HarvestCraft Little Blocks Mob Dismemberment Display Cases McMMO Armourer's Workshop Hopper Duct

CLPL - Aether.png

CLPL - Shaders.png

CLPL - PamHC.png

CLPL - LittleBlocks.png

CLPL - Mob.png

CLPL - Display.png


CLPL - AWorkshop.png

CLPL - Duct.png

Shadow Skylands NPCs Warp Pad Shop Chest Boss Spawner Infusement Altar MusicPlayer Paintings Leveled Mobs

CLPL - Skylands.png

CLPL - NPC.png

CLPL - Warppad.png

CLPL - Shop.png

CLPL - Spawner.png

CLPL - Infusement.png

CLPL - Jukebox.png

CLPL - Painting.png

CLPL - LMobs.png

Discord, TeamSpeak and Facebook


Join our Discord server!
Once joining the Discord, you will be rankless. Be sure to visit this page to recieve your ranks within our Discord server!


Want to talk with some of your friends from craftland? Join our teamspeak server!
Download TeamSpeak client from: Teamspeak 3'
To set it up, head to "connections" at the menu bar at the top and click "connect". Our server address is "", Choose a nickname (for example your mc name), make sure it isn't inappropriate and leave the password slot free. Then click connect! And you're done! You're connected to the craftland ts server!


Be sure to check out our Facebook page!

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