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Date June 14th, 2013
Patch Update 3.61
World Activities:


Greycliff is one of Craftland's worlds. It was added May 16, 2013 and opened on June 14, 2013 at 18:00 PM GMT. Greycliff utilizes the ExtraBiomesXL mod, which adds a whole host of new biomes, dungeons, scenery and more.

It is often the place players choose to build new houses, but due to its lack of flat ground, large open areas and oceans, it can often prove difficult to build massive sprawling structures.

An inactive Greycliff portal
An active Greycliff portal

How to get to Greycliff

In order to get to Greycliff, the user must either travel to the giant portal at /spawn or use the /portals command and select the Greycliff icon in the UI.

In the past, users were able to create portals out of Mossy HolystoneMossy Holystone in order to travel to Greycliff. However, this was removed due to the portals potentially spawning near or inside of homes/regions. Functioning portals still exist and are fairly uncommon to see.


Below is a list of the biomes

  • Alpine
  • Autumn Woods
  • Birch Forest
  • Extreme Jungle
  • Forested Hills
  • Forested Island
  • Glacier
  • Green Hills
  • Green Swamplands
  • Ice Wasteland
  • Marsh
  • Meadow
  • Mini Jungle
  • Mountain Desert
  • Mountain Ridge
  • Mountain Taiga
  • Pine Forest
  • Rainforest
  • Redwood Forest
  • Redwood Lush
  • Savanna
  • Shrubland
  • Snow Forest
  • Snowy Rainforest
  • Temperate Rainforest
  • Tundra
  • Wasteland
  • Woodlands


Pandas can be found in Greycliff and are very useful when it comes to transportation. If you simply get a saddle and right click the panda you can ride it. Pandas are very fast when it comes to being saddled and can breed with wheat.


In Greycliff, there are many new types of resources. Below is a list of all of them[1]:


Mobs in Greycliff can be difficult. They have levels (Most mobs in other worlds are Level 1) that can reach some pretty crazy levels, like level 10 Creepers! Watch Out!



1) Craftland Blocks Wiki