Hopper Duct

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Hopper Duct
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Hopper Ducts are used to transport items from one location to another. Do not be fooled by their name, as they do not function like a hopper (in terms of sucking things up). Hopper Ducts will transfer items to the next container (ChestChests, HopperHoppers, other Hopper Ducts) as long as it is placed on the face of the container. A HopperHopper is required in order for items to start being transported by Hopper Ducts.

Additionally, Hopper Ducts have a secondary Pink Pipe that only appears when placed next to a container. The only items that travel through this pipe are the ones that have been filtered by the player. You can filter items in the Hopper Duct UI.


IngredientsInput >> Output
Iron Ingot+
Golden Amber+
Enchanted Gravitite
Iron IngotGolden AmberIron IngotGrid layout Arrow (small).pngHopper Duct
Iron IngotEnchanted GravititeIron Ingot