Infusement Altar

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Infusement Altar
Data value0
Max stacksize64


The Infusement Altar was added to Craftland in the 6.0 Update. The altar is used to create items like the Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe, Spectral ShovelSpectral Shovel, Tourmaline PickaxeTourmaline Pickaxe and other items.

  • As of Update 8.3, recipes for items such as Citrine BlockCitrine Block, Ruby PaxelRuby Paxel and the Sapphire PaxelSapphire Paxel have been removed (But are now craftable in the Crafting TableCrafting Table).
  • Additionally as of Update 8.3, "Skull Power" no longer exists and skulls are now consumed upon infusing an item.


A screenshot of a correctly assembled Infusement Station using Hellfire StoneHellfire Stone as the blocks in the corners.
Infusement Book shows that a Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe requiring 2 Creeper HeadCreeper Heads and 2 Spider HeadSpider Heads
Infusement Altar GUI. The center slot is where the stars are placed and around is the recipe desired.

The Infusement Altar must be setup with 4 blocks, one block away in each corner, like the image to the left.

The Infusement altar requires skulls to be placed on top of each piece of dungeon stone. Every different recipe requires a different amount of power and each skull provides a different amount of power. The power is totalled between all 4 skulls, and the altar does not have to have a skull ontop of each dungeon stone.



Skulls are a neccessary material in powering the Infusement Altar. All skulls that are placed on the four corners are consumed once the recipe has finished.
The recipes within the Infusement Altar currently require specific 4 skull combinations which could use the following;


The Infusement Altar requires a special type of fuel known as a Star. The list of Stars are:

You can obtain the Dragon SoulDragon Soul/Wither SoulWither Soul from attacking an Ender Dragon/Wither with a Dark ScytheDark Scythe and then killing them.

Infusement Recipes

There are currently 8 infusement recipes in the game.

Page Exp Cost Result Materials Skulls
Page #7 Bottle o' Enchanting250 Exp Levels Spectral AxeSpectral Axe Perfect Diamond AxePerfect Diamond Axe, ZirconZircon and 2 TourmalineTourmaline 2x Creeper Head 2x Spider Head
Page #8 Bottle o' Enchanting300 Exp Levels Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe Diamond PickaxeDiamond Pickaxe, Tourmaline BlockTourmaline Block and 2 Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond 2x Creeper Head 2x Spider Head
Page #9 Bottle o' Enchanting200 Exp Levels Spectral ShovelSpectral Shovel Diamond ShovelDiamond Shovel, Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond and 2 TourmalineTourmaline 2x Creeper Head 2x Spider Head
Page #10 Bottle o' Enchanting100 Exp Levels Ghost Chili Pepper SeedsGhost Chili Pepper Seeds 4 Chili Pepper SeedsChili Pepper Seeds 4x Skeleton Skull
Page #11 N/A TourmalineTourmaline DiamondDiamond, Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite and 2 CitrineCitrine 4x Wither Skeleton Skull
Page #12 N/A CitrineCitrine RubyRuby, King Spear PetalKing Spear Petal and 2 Gold IngotGold Ingot 4x Zombie Head
Page #13 Bottle o' Enchanting50 Exp Levels Ice BladeIce Blade Cursed BladeCursed Blade, Ice RingIce Ring and 2 Packed IcePacked Ice 4x Skeleton Skull
Page #14 Bottle o' Enchanting250 Exp Levels Tourmaline PickaxeTourmaline Pickaxe Diamond PickaxeDiamond Pickaxe, Tourmaline BlockTourmaline Block, Valkyrie PickaxeValkyrie Pickaxe and Augmentation RuneAugmentation Rune 2x Creeper Head 1x Sheep Head 1x Ram Head


IngredientsInput >> Output
White Point Star+
End Stone+
Brewing Stand+
Block of Iron+
ObsidianWhite Point StarObsidianGrid layout Arrow (small).pngInfusement Altar
End StoneBrewing StandEnd Stone
Block of IronEmeraldBlock of Iron