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Craftland has a skill system based on the plugin McMMO. You can get more information about the plugin's features here. McMMO is a plugin that allows people to role-play in a way, recording statistics and leveling up. Mining or killing hostile mobs with weapons for example will give experience on the skill to the player. There are a total of 11 skills to level up (taming being removed due to frequent bugs in the 4.91 update).

Leveling up a skill increases its potency. For example, leveling axes increases your damage dealt with axes and gives an increasing chance to deal critical hits. Skills may be leveled up to 1,200 as of the 4.91 update, (instead of 1000 prior to the update) requiring more experience as the skill increases in level. The levels from 1,000 to 1,200 will decrease the skill's ability's cool down, but most require significantly more experience to increase.

McMMO skills

/mcmmo command ingame showing the list of skills, levels and experience gathered.



Misc Skills

  • Acrobatics - A skill focused around taking fall damage and gaining resistance to it.
  • Repair - A skill focused around repairing items and reducing the XP costs of doing so.

Additional Rewards

  • Every time the player reaches a milestone (level 50, 100, 200, 300...), they will receive 100 x (Level/10) coins.
    • (An example would be reaching level 800 and receiving 8,000 coins)


There are commands for the McMMO plugin to clarify information about various McMMO statistics and abilities.

/mcability- Toggles the active ability on and off.

/mctop <skillname> <page>- Lists the top players in specific skills. If the first parameter is left blank, the top players in total Powerlevel are displayed. However, the second parameter has no use for displaying specific pages since the first page is always displayed regardless.