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Health Pts: HP.png 250 (500 HP)
Found in: Aether
Spawn Rate: 1 per Bronze Dungeon


The Slider is the Bronze Dungeon boss. It appears at first as a large, stonelike block. If hit with any other tool but a pickaxe, you will receive the message, "Hmm. Maybe I need to attack it with a Pickaxe?" When hit with a pickaxe at first, all four horizontal sides will gain an open, blue eye, and it will immediately slide towards you and attack. He has a constant rhythm of movement. To deal damage, you must continually attack him with a pickaxe. When his health has been reduced to 1/3, his eye will temporarily become purple, and then red. When this change occurs, he will move faster and deal more damage. When killed, the Slider will drop a Bronze Key, which is used to open the loot chest in the middle of the room.


Try to stay diagonal from the Slider. It can only move in the four cardinal directions as well as up and down, so avoiding it can be relatively easy. If it hits you, you will take a significant amount of damage and will be knocked back far and high, sometimes dealing a significant amount of fall damage. It is also recommended to use a Valkyrie Pickaxe, which will allow you to hit the boss from further away.

  • Critically striking the Slider will help you deal much more damage, killing it quicker.
  • Use Strength Potions/Beacon Effects to increase your damage to the Slider.


Almost every Slider has a different name. It is possible that two or more have the same name, but it is very rare. A Slider's name is generated throughout a series of sounds and words. The sounds will be randomized and then strung into a name. Some names can be simple, and some can be very peculiar. This process is the same as what happens with a Gold Dungeon Boss name.


Once defeated, the Slider drops a Bronze KeyBronze Key which is used to open the now revealed chest under the Slider's platform. The Slider will also drop several pieces of Carved StoneCarved Stone.
The Slider also has a 5% chance to drop a HatSlider Eye Hat.