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Shop Chest
Data value0
Max stacksize64

The Shop Chest is a unique chest in Craftland that can be used as both storage and as a shop, but advisable to be used as a shop as it only has 9 slots.

Within the Shop Chest, the user is able to place items within the 9 slots and set two prices for them; the selling price and the buying price. This allows users to create Shop Chests that can sell/purchase things to/from others without them both needing to be online at the same time. This system also prevents people from having to trade by throwing items on the ground and someone potentially stealing the item as they "walk by accidentally".

The Shop Chest displays the item for sale/purchase on top of itself for convinience sake as long as there is 1 or more items within the Shop Chest.

NOTICE: As of Update 9.0 there is now a 1.15% tax rate on all earnings from Shop Chests!

The Shop Chest GUI

Purchase/Selling message

When somebody purchases from you (or sells an item to you), a new chat tab is introduced. You cannot access this tab once closed unless ChestShop activity has involved you. You will be sent the following messages within the ChestShop tab:

  • You Purchasing: You have bought AMTx ITEM from NAME for COINS coins.
  • You Selling: You have sold AMTx ITEM to NAME for COINS coins (-TAX).
  • Player Purchasing: NAME has bought AMTx ITEM from you for COINS coins.
  • Player Selling: NAME has sold AMTx ITEM to you for COINS coins (-TAX).

/shop Command

Additionally, the player can use the /shop <item/category> command in game to pull up a GUI that lists all accessible Shop Chests as long as they contain 1 or more items and can be organised based on:

  • Item Name
  • Item Amount
  • Buying Price
  • Selling Price
  • Seller
  • Region
Some chest shops in a store, their natural habitat


IngredientsInput >> Output
End Stone
End StoneEnd StoneEnd StoneGrid layout Arrow (small).pngShop Chest
End Stone End Stone
End StoneEnd StoneEnd Stone