Shadow Skylands

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Shadow Skylands
Release Date: 21/05/2016
Patch Released: Update Shadow Skylands
World Activities:
Elysian Dungeon
Planned Activities:
Twitch Dungeon, Cursed Dungeon, Arcane Dungeon and the Spectral Dungeon.


The Shadow Skylands is a dark and evil version of the Aether world. Inside this new world are many dangerous and glowing mobs that may at first be mistaken to be friendly. In the Shadow Skylands, there is no such thing as day or night. This world is deemed one of the hardest worlds to survive in due to the strength of the entities that spawn here and an unforgiving void.


You can get to the Shadow Skylands through the Purple Shadow Skylands portal at /spawn, by using /warp shadowaether or by using /warp shadowskylands.

Additional Info

  • Purple AercloudPurple Aercloud spawns naturally in the Shadow Skylands.
  • All hostile entities that originate from the Shadow Skylands have a 1% chance to drop a Broken KeyBroken Key and always drop Flux instead of Experience.
  • Falling into the void of the Shadow Skylands, despite it being another Aether, is lethal.

Unique Blocks

These are the exclusively generating blocks within the Shadow Skylands:

Purple AercloudPurple Aercloud, Shadow GrassShadow Grass, Mutated Shadow GrassMutated Shadow Grass, Shadow Tallgrass, Double Tall Sky WeedDouble Tall Sky Weed, Mutated TallgrassMutated Tallgrass, Shadow Oak LogShadow Oak Log, Dark Skyroot LogDark Skyroot Log, Blue Shadow LeavesBlue Shadow Leaves, Blue Blooming Shadow LeavesBlue Blooming Shadow Leaves, Red Shadow LeavesRed Shadow Leaves, Thorn VinesThorn Vines, Jade VineJade Vine, Shadow VineShadow Vine, Frozen QuicksoilFrozen Quicksoil, Dark HolystoneDark Holystone,, Lunar CrocusLunar Crocus, AmaranthAmaranth, PullipPullip, Flux CrocusFlux Crocus, Shadow Bean StalkShadow Bean Stalk, Blue Shadow BeanBlue Shadow Bean, Orange Shadow BeanOrange Shadow Bean, Green Shadow BeanGreen Shadow Bean, Yellow GlowshroomYellow Glowshroom, Blue GlowshroomBlue Glowshroom, Green GlowshroomGreen Glowshroom, Blue MoonflowerBlue Moonflower and the Elysian Dungeon StoneElysian Dungeon Stones.



These entities will actively try to kill you when you're within it's hostility range.


These entities will never try to fight back against you.


Inside the shadow skylands, there is 5 dungeons, 4 of which is yet to be released.

Elysian Dungeon

To open the Elysian Dungeon, an Elysian Dungeon Key must be created and then right clicked on the main door of the dungeon. Once inside the dungeon, it contains an Elysian Crystal and Elysian knight, which both must be fought and killed correctly to be destroyed. Once they are killed, a warp pad will appear and you will recieve an Elysian Dungeon Loot Key which will allow you to open one of the loot chests above the dungeons main room.

Twitch Dungeon

An unreleased dungeon for the Shadow Skylands. Mainly generated out of Twitch Dungeon StoneTwitch Dungeon Stone and Twitch Lit Dungeon StoneTwitch Lit Dungeon Stone.

Cursed Dungeon

An unreleased dungeon for the Shadow Skylands. Mainly generated out of Cursed Dungeon StoneCursed Dungeon Stone and Cursed Lit Dungeon StoneCursed Lit Dungeon Stone.

Arcane Dungeon

An unreleased dungeon for the Shadow Skylands. Mainly generated out of Arcane Dungeon StoneArcane Dungeon Stone and Arcane Lit Dungeon StoneArcane Lit Dungeon Stone.

Spectral Dungeon

An unreleased dungeon for the Shadow Skylands. Mainly generated out of Spectral Dungeon StoneSpectral Dungeon Stone and Spectral Lit Dungeon StoneSpectral Lit Dungeon Stone.