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There are two types of music players in-game: the JukeBox Block and the MusicPlayer Item.
The MusicPlayer looks like an iPod and plays music in stereo that only you can hear.
The JukeBox allows many people to listen to music together. It can either play Music Discs, as in vanilla, or you can right click without a disc to play a network stream.
When a player comes near a playing JukeBox, it will automatically play the selected stream for him or her, too.

The music player can play almost any internet radio station as long as it has a .pls or an URL providing a mp3 stream file.

By typing "/musicplayer", you can open the MusicPlayer interface without using the item.

Internet Radio Stations

A website called Shoutcast has over 50,000 station you can chose from.
To get a station from them, you must right click the stream and click Copy link address.
You will get a link like this:
This is a popular station that plays top 40 music; its name is 181.FM POWER 181.
You will then be able to post this link in the text box in game!

How to Get Individual Songs on the MusicPlayer

To get individual songs on your MusicPlayer, simply find a download URL for the song, and paste it as the song URL. Make sure the URL ends with .MP3, or else it will not work. MP3 files (not online) will not work.

  • Youtube Links DO NOT WORK.


The Jukebox GUI
The MusicPlayer GUI looks the same.


IngredientsInput >> Output
Oak Wood Planks+
Oak Wood PlanksOak Wood PlanksOak Wood PlanksGrid layout Arrow (small).pngJukebox
Oak Wood PlanksDiamondOak Wood Planks
Oak Wood PlanksOak Wood PlanksOak Wood Planks
IngredientsInput >> Output
JukeboxClock Grid layout Arrow (small).pngMusicPlayer
The Jukebox can also be made with Skyroot Planks and Enchanted Gravitite