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Player Since 19th of December 2013
(18th of June 2012)
Rank Administrator
Time Zone British Summer Time (BST)/GMT
Lives in The United Kingdom
Favourite Pages I've Worked On
1 Shadow Skylands
2 Deepvale
3 Craftland Wiki
Some Hobbies
  • Programming (HTML, Java etc.)
  • Gaming (LoL, CL etc.)
  • Watching Stuff (Anime, YT etc.)
  • Sleeping (Self-Explanatory)
A pixelart build of Princess Luna :D
1193 Gold Rush points is my highscore :3

Basic Information about Beandon

My current ingame skin as of October 2017
Important Dates
  • Birthday: 6th of December.
  • Return to Craftland: 20th of June 2017.
  • Helper Promotion: 10th of September 2017.
  • Moderator Promotion: 29th of January 2018.
  • Administrator Promotion: 31st of October 2018.
Other Noteable Stuff
  • First Region: "no-mans-land" for MaskedRPM in the Aether.
  • First Warn: Firehammer100 for spamming.
  • First Auto-Ban: Sheepsheepp for spamming.
  • First Ban: XXX for Griefing and Stealing items.

I like to fuck around with pig on a regular basis.

Note: I won't be on most Saturdays since me and Saya have agreed to spend some time away from Craftland on that day.

Some other info about Beandon

I'm a young man located within the United Kingdom. For the last two years I have been taking a L3 Software Development course and have passed with the highest scores possible (D*D*D*). I would've gone to university next year but I decided to take a year out due to the stress of college and being around.. people.. ew. I started playing Minecraft back in Year 5 (When I was 10 years old) when the game was purchased for me by a friend named Rome. He purchased my first account, Brandonjones3000, which is now named Brandon_Jones and is being used by my girlfriend, Saya. I used this account on a few servers that I enjoyed, one of these servers being called "CityWars". CityWars was a class and city server solely focused around joining cities, earning money with classes and trading, making your own city and going to war to conquer others. I had played this server for a good 5 years before it shut down and the developers decided to create their own game based on the exact same thing.

I used to own a minecraft server (Herobrine Realms (Yes I know, it's bad)) with the highest player count being 50 with around 30 loyal players online during the daytime, I shut down the server a few years ago due to a few indecisive mistakes on my part and I didn't want to put people through it. The server was custom coded with a class system (Inspired from CityWars), had a good multiverse system in place and a certain item inspired from Craftland (Perfect DiamondPerfect Diamond). After the server was shut down I still decided to do java programming on my own private server which me and my friends still played on from time to time and created a load of custom items from the vanilla game, crafting grids etc..

Alongside what I do for Craftland, I occasionally work on some private game projects using Java.

I am currently an Administrator and modder for Craftland (Making things like the Golden Chest, Daily Quests, flag display and VoteWheel update), site programmer for Craftland and the leading contributor of the Craftland Wikipedia.


I'm a socially akward bronyweeb. Favourite anime being Monster Musume and favourite ponies being Fluttershy, Derpy Hooves and Luna. I also hate ignorance, arrogance, cockiness and people who troll.


Random Images

Some random images idk ._.

350 witches having a brawl Log in and win No lifer yeee Holy Miner VI yeee Pls Why did I put this here? Because I'm happy I got this far in that cancerous game /ban xd It's a start xd New admin? kappa

Noice Memez

Babooshka and tired asf