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Health Pts: HP.png 5 (10 HP)
Found in: Grass BlockNowhere
Spawn Rate: Never
Item Drops
Mob Spawner
  • Always spawns as a Level 1 mob.
  • Attacking a Bee will anger nearby Bees.
  • Drops nothing when killed.
An enclosure for Bees that Beandon made while working on Bees

Bees on Craftland are slightly different to the base game. It is advised to read this page as opposed to the Minecraft Wikipedia for more accurate information on our Bees.

Bees are a neutral entity, which means they will only attack when provoked.


Bees on Craftland do not "fly", and act like ground entities. However, they do not take fall damage and fall slower than most Ground entities (With exceptions including Sheepuffs and Chickens).
Bees are considered Arthropods. This means that they take additional damage from the Bane of Arthropods enchantment.
Bees will try to avoid water when performing tasks, as they will take damage when wet.


Bees spawn naturally in Bee Nests. Bee Nests can be obtained by growing oak or birch saplings. Each tree has a 1% chance to contain a Bee Nest.


Bees will leave their nest if they have nothing to do.

Bees will fly around trying to look for flowers. Once they've found a suitable flower, they will fly towards it and collect pollen.
There is a chance that the Bee will need to collect pollen from several flowers before changing to the pollinated state.


Bees live together in colonies and will take any nearby Beehive (or Bee Nest) that has enough space as its home.

Bees will try their best to return to their nest (if they have one or are not lost), or any nearby nest, when it starts to rain, or turns to night.

  • lost: A bee is considered lost if they're further than 32 blocks away from their nest. It is advisable to keep any owned Bees within a 32 block radius of their nest to prevent them from stealing other nests.

Bees, similar to vanilla, keep all of their data when entering/exiting the hive (health, name, etc).

Breaking a Beehive or Bee Nest that contains Bees will release the Bees inside, will anger them, and will drop a basic Beehive/Bee Nest. If the nest is instead harvested using a Silk Touch tool, all honey and Bees inside the hive will be kept within it's item form. Once the nest is placed again, things will continue as normal.

When a bee that has pollen enters and then leaves its nest, the honey level of the nest is increased by 1 (2 for Golden Bees and 3 for Rainbow Bees). Once the honey level of a nest has reached 5, the player may harvest it using a Glass BottleGlass Bottle or some ShearsShears.


When provoked, all nearby Bees in a 24 block radius will become angered at the provoker for 20+ seconds.

Hitting or walking on a nest will not anger Bees. However, destroying a nest without Silk Touch WILL anger the Bees that were kicked out.

Bees will attack and swarm the player as a group when angered, and the eyes of the angered bees turn red. Collecting a Honeycomb or Honey Bottle from a nest causes the Bees from that nest to leave and attack the player, unless there is FireFire under the nest.

If a Bee successfully lands an attack on the player, the player will be afflicted with Poison III and Mining Fatigue II for some time. A Bee (excluding Rainbow Bees) will lose its stinger and will no longer be able to attack players.

Once a Bee has lost their stinger, they will slowly die.


(The breeding process functions exactly the same for every entity)

Players can breed Bees using smaller flowers such as White TulipWhite Tulips, PoppyPoppys and Purple FlowerPurple Flowers.

When breeding two regular Bees, there is a 1 in 500 chance that a Golden Bee will be born. Below is the table of all the bee combinations and chances for special bees.
The check goes as follows: check for Rainbow Bee -> If not, check for Golden Bee -> If not, give Regular Bee

Parent Combo Golden Bee % Rainbow Bee %
2 Regular Bees0.2%N/A
1 Regular Bee + 1 Golden Bee1%N/A
2 Golden Bees10%0.2%
1 Regular Bee + 1 Rainbow Bee0.2%N/A
1 Golden Bee + 1 Rainbow Bee10%0.5%
2 Rainbow Bees10%5%

Golden Bee

A golden bee is a rare form of Bee that can be made via breeding.


  • A Golden Bee has 20 health instead of 10.
  • A Golden Bee will sting much harder than a regular Bee, afflicting Poison V and Mining Fatigue IV instead.

Golden Bees carry twice as much pollen as a regular Bee and will produce twice as much honey when leaving their nest.

Rainbow Bee

A rainbow bee is an even rarer form of Bee that can be made via breeding.


  • A Rainbow Bee has 30 health instead of 10.
  • A Rainbow Bee will sting much harder than even a Golden Bee, afflicting Poison VII and Mining Fatigue VI when attacking the player.
  • A Rainbow Bee cannot lose its stinger, allowing it to stay alive after stinging a player.

Rainbow Bees carry three times as much pollen as a regular Bee and will produce three times as much honey when leaving their nest.