Cobble Golem

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Cobble Golem
DV - Golem.PNG
Health Pts: 20 Hearts
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Uncommon


The Cobble Golem spawns within Deepvale in the Tropic and Wasteland biome alongside Ocelots and Black Jaguars. They are neutral entities who will not attack the player on sight.

  • The Cobble Golem drops CobblestoneCobblestone on death and 0 experience.


Similar to a naturally spawning Iron Golem. They are passive towards the player until provoked and will chase the player down like a normal entity.

Cobble Golems also use similar AI to Wolves and PigZombies. If a Cobble Golem is attacked, all nearby Cobble Golems will become aggro to that player.

Cobble Golems can easily be de-aggro'd but this only applies to the primary Cobble Golem that was attacked. The rest will still remain hostile to the player once they walk back into detection range.


  • All sound effects for the Cobble Golem are taken from the Iron Golem.