First Mate

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First Mate
Health Pts: 50 Hearts
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Rare


  • First Mate is a neutral entity that spawns rarely at random on the Beaches within Deepvale. They spawn with 100 health (50 hearts) and always spawn with the same skin compared to other Pirates, which spawn with a random skin.
  • First Mate was added in Craftland Patch 8.05.


First Mate is similar to a villager in that you can purchase items off of them but instead of items, you give them Coins. At first, a pirate will give you an offer, displaying their item and the price they are willing to sell it for. You, as the player, then have the option to offer him that amount, lower, or higher. Though, once you have purchased an item, you cannot purchase that item again. However, if you decide to offer a price too low for the First Mate, he will steal the money that you offered to him and start acting hostile towards you ("Ye reckon I be squiffy?").

  • First Mates can be captured inside of an Empty Spawn Egg but due to them being neutral/hostile, they will not remain there and will eventually despawn.
  • First Mates can be "charmed" when purchasing at least 5 items off of them for a price exceptionally higher than what they offered. Once "charmed", they will offer rarer trades.
  • First Mates also have a 5% chance of stealing your money and becoming hostile no matter how much you offer them ("Plunderin yer dubloons").
First Mate trading with the Player
First Mate acting hostile towards the Player after not being offered enough money


  • The First Mate can be charmed by offering them more money than they asked for. The formula is currently unknown on how much money that must be given, but is always a risky shot due to the 5% chance of them stealing your dubloons.
  • First Mate does not care how much you've charmed them, they are still a pirate and will steal yer dubloons at random.
  • You can tell how much you have charmed a First Mate by checking how filled the dollar symbol is on the left of the UI. Once full, the rare trades are unlocked.

Cheeky Tid Bit - The amount of money you need to offer is 130%-140% of the price the First Mate requested.



  • You cannot trade with the First Mate if he has been damaged. He will automatically become a hostile entity, will no longer trade with you and will start acting like a normal pirate.
  • You can also not trade with First Mate if another player is trading.
  • First Mates are a seperate entity to the Pirate, thus not being able to spawn from Pirate spawners.
  • First Mates can trade anything from Runes, Hats, Blocks and the new First Mate exclusive weapon, the First Mate's Cutlass.

Known Trades