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Release Date: 26th July 2018
Closing Date: 10th August 2018
Patch Released: 8.33
Event Summary
This event was made as an attempt to gather new users and to give experienced users something more to do with one of the many features of Craftland... Fishing! This event introduces new fish which players can trade for Coins, decorative blocks and other items.
Fishing Board in the MicroEvent world


The Fishing Event speaks for itself, it's an event entirely based upon fishing. However, there are some new fish this time around! Players can access the event by using /warp fishing. This allows them to take part and obtain a hefty amount of cash, new smelly and shiny hats, sexy new wings and maybe even some MobSpawner Pig Squid Spawners! This event is planned to last approximately 2 weeks.

This event includes 3 exclusive achievements for those who wish to enhance their total achievement score:

  • Let's go-lo! (Fish 25 Lekgolo during the new Fishing Event!)
  • Can I Ax-olotl you a question? (Fish 50 Axolotl during the new Fishing Event!)
  • The newest and rarest species (Fish 3 Sangheili during the new Fishing Event!)

This event also introduces 5 new species of fish which can be used for trading with the various NPC's scattered across the /warp fishing area:

This event also introduces a MicroEvent which will randomly occur within the MicroEvent world every 10-30 minutes whilst there are 5 or more players online. This MicroEvent will effect how fishing functions for 2-10 minutes within this world. The entire list of MicroEvents are specified below.


MicroEvents will activate randomly every 10-30 minutes whilst there are 5 or more players online. MicroEvents only effect the world where the fishing event is located.


MicroEvent Name Duration Description
Durability 10 Minutes During this microevent, your fishing rod loses 0 durability when fishing.
NaturalSelection 5 Minutes During this microevent, all of the new fish have a significantly higher chance to be caught.
QuickFishing 5 Minutes During this microevent, everyone catches fish much faster than usual.
Piranhas 5 Minutes During this microevent, if the player enters the water they will be damaged and thrown around at random.
OnlyFish 5 Minutes During this microevent, the player cannot fish up any treasure.
MultiBob 2 Minutes During this microevent, you gain an additional 6 bobs when fishing. Successfully catching fish will require at least 2 bobs dipping at once.
ItsRainingFish 2 Minutes During this microevent, fish will "rain" and will stay collectable for a few seconds before despawning.
Switch 2 Minutes During this microevent, players will swap around at random at random intervals.
Shuffle N/A When this MicroEvent appears, the Fisherman NPC will change the fish he is purchasing (this also changes the values of said fish).

There was a bug where it would say the fishing micro event began, or ended all the way till the 2018 Xmas Event.

Event Designers/Assistants

These are the users that made the event happen.


ESP ScOpEzZ-Face.png











Idea, Texturing + Building Programming + Building NPC Trades, Achievements + Building NPC Trades Building Building

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