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Helmet Skin
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Helmet Skins are cosmetic items that can be placed in a players skins menu. To access this menu the player must either press the SKINS button found in the inventory, or type /Skins.

Helmet Skins can be obtained either through, boss loot, crates, generated structures, voting,and our online credit shop

All our Helmet Skins are made using the Armourer's Workshop Mod.

As requested by the Armourer's Workshop Mod Creator Riskyken, Some skins will not be put up for special offers or on our credit shop without the permission of its creator.

Lastly by requesting any skin being uploaded to Craftland, you are giving us the right to sell the item on our credit shop and/or special offer.

Skin Image Skin Name Creator Description
A-linebob thumb.png A-line Bob Caity
Amethystbeetlehelmet thumb.png Amethyst Beetle Helmet
Applehead thumb.png Apple Head Mooshroom
Arielcurcle thumb.png Ariel Crown SkySem
Arielhair thumb.png Ariel Hair SkySem
Armyhelmet thumb.png Army Helmet Rocksox500
Astronauthelmet thumb.png Astronaut Helmet
Aurora hair thumb.png Aurora Hair Caity
Aurorahair thumb.png Aurora Hair SkySem
Baby hair with pacifier thumb.png Baby hair with Pacifier Caity
Baby pig tails hair and pacifier thumb.png Baby Pig Tail hair and pacifier Caity
Babyhair thumb.png Babyhair Caity
Babypigtailshair thumb.png Baby Pig Tail hair Caity
Bademohaircut thumb.png Bad Emo Haircut Caity
Bananahead thumb.png Banana Head Mooshroom
Beast hair thumb.png Beast Hair Arbr
Beauty and the beast belle hair thumb.png Beuty and the beast Bell Hair Caity
Bellelowpony thumb.png Belle Low-Pony Caity
Bigsexyhair thumb.png Big Sexy Hair Caity
Bigsexyhairwithearrings thumb.png Big Sexy Hair with Earrings Caity
Binoculars thumb.png Binoculars
Birdcage thumb.png Birdcage Randoro
Blackswanhair thumb.png Black Swan Hair Caity
Bob thumb.png Bob Caity
Bomb thumb.png Bomb Mooshroom
Bonehelm thumb.png Bone Helm
Bowhair thumb.png Bow Hair Caity
Bowpigtails thumb.png Bow Pigtails SkySem
Bun thumb.png Bun
Camojazzyhead thumb.png Camo Jazzy Head IllumiNaughty420
Captainhead thumb.png Captain Head Mooshroom
Cardboardbox thumb.png Carboard Box
Chapeaudelarchimagerouge thumb.png Chapeaudel Archi-Mage Rouge
Chefhat thumb.png Chef hat
Cinderella hair thumb.png Cinderella Hair Caity
Cindy lou who head thumb.png Cindy Lou Who Head Amp
Cindy louuu thumb.png Cindy Louuu Amp
Classic crew hair thumb.png Classic Crew Hair Arbr
Corsair thumb.png Corsair
Costum magicriktus1 head thumb.png Costum Magicriktus Thundercat_
Cowboyhat thumb.png Cowboy Hat
Creeper voluminous baby pig tails hair thumb.png Creeper Voluminous Baby Pig Tails Hair Caity
CrownSkin thumb.png Crown
Cute womans hair 2 thumb.png Cute Womans Hair 2 SkySem
Cute womans hair 3 thumb.png Cute Womans Hair 3 SkySem
Cute womans hair 4 thumb.png Cute Womans Hair 4 SkySem
Cute womans hair thumb.png Cute Womans Hair SkySem
Cutepigtails thumb.png Cute Pig Tails
Deserthood thumb.png Desert Hood
Diablo head thumb.png Diablo Head
Doubleeyepatch thumb.png double eye patch Mooshroom
Dragon knight helmet thumb.png Dragon Knight Helmet
Eavi helmet thumb.png Eavi Helmet
Elfears thumb.png Elf Ears
Elsa low pony hair thumb.png Elsa Low Pony Hair Caity
Eyepatchleft thumb.png Eyepatch Left Mooshroom
Eyepatchright thumb.png Eyepatch Right Mooshroom
Fel flame helmet thumb.png Fel Flame Helmet IllumiNaughty420
Flippedpony thumb.png Flipped Pony Skysem modified by Caity
Foxxyhair thumb.png Foxxy Hair Caity
Foxxyvoluminousponytail thumb.png Foxxy Voluminous Ponytail Caity
Frostyhead thumb.png Frosty Head Arbr
Gardehelmet thumb.png Garde Helmet
Garnetafro thumb.png Garnet Afro Matchlit
Geonhair thumb.png Geon Hair
Ghost head thumb.png Ghost Head Mooshroom
Gladoshead thumb.png Glados Head Thundercat_
Grinch head thumb.png Grinch Head Amp
Groudonhead thumb.png Groudon Head
Grudgehair thumb.png Grudge Hair Caity
Grudgehairface thumb.png Grudge Hair Face Caity
Hair la banane thumb.png Hair la Banane
Head spiritual mask thumb.png Head Spiritual Mask Thundercat_
Hightail thumb.png Hightail Arbr
Hotdoghead thumb.png Hotdog Head Mooshroom
Ice helm thumb.png Ice Helm BlasterG717
Ice mage thumb.png Ice Mage BlasterG717
Jackyhair thumb.png Jacky Hair
Jasmine hair thumb.png Jasmine Hair Caity
Jasmine hair with earrings thumb.png Jasmine Hair with Earrings Caity
Jazzycivilianhead thumb.png Jazzy Civilian HEad IllumiNaughty420
Jesterhat thumb.png Jester Hat Mooshroom
Kawaiihair thumb.png Kawaii Hair
Kawaiipony thumb.png Kawaii Pony
Kawewehair thumb.png Kawewe Hair
Knighthelm thumb.png Knight Helm
Lowpony thumb.png Low Pony Caity
Madokasheadbows thumb.png Madokas Headbows
Maidcap thumb.png Maid Cap Riskyken
Mar head thumb.png Mar Head
Meridahair thumb.png Marida Hair
Minimouseface thumb.png Mini Mouse Tie Arbr
Mininghelmet thumb.png Mining Helmet
Moanahair thumb.png Moana Hair
Moanahairwithoutflower thumb.png Moana Hair without Flower
Mohawk thumb.png Mohawk
Mulan hair thumb.png Mulan Hair Caity
Mushroomhat thumb.png Mushroom Hat Mooshroom
Noodlemask thumb.png Noodle Mask Mooshroom
Oldladyhead thumb.png Old Lady Head Arbr
Peachcrown thumb.png Peach Crown Mooshroom
Peachhead thumb.png Peach Head Arbr
Peppermint club kid head thumb.png Peppermint Club Kid Caity
Phoenixhelm thumb.png Phoenix Helm IllumiNaughty420
Pikahood thumb.png Pika Hood
Pippie thumb.png Pippie Arbr
Piratedagger thumb.png Pirate Dagger
Piratehat thumb.png Pirate Hat
Plaguedoctorhelmet thumb.png Plague Doctor Helmet
Pokohair thumb.png Poko Hair
Poneytail thumb.png PoneyTail
Ponytail thumb.png Ponytail Arbr
Popcorn bow hair thumb.png Popcorn bow Hair Caity
Princessheaddress thumb.png Princess Headdress Caity
Queenjazzyhead thumb.png Queen Jazzy Head IllumiNaughty420
Queenofheartshair thumb.png Queen of Hearts Hair Caity
Rainhat thumb.png Rain Hat Mooshroom
Rapunzel hair thumb.png Rapunzel Hair Caity
Redlasemask thumb.png Red Lase Mask Arbr
Royalhelmet thumb.png Royal Helmet Soulmusician
Russianhat thumb.png Russian Hat
Samurai head thumb.png Samurai Head Thundercat_
Scarecrow head thumb.png Scarecrow Head Thundercat_
Scubamask thumb.png Scuba Mask
Sidebunhair thumb.png Side Bun Hair Caity
Skeletonmask thumb.png Skeleton Mask Caity
Skull thumb.png Skull Soulmusician
Skyrimironhelmet thumb.png Skyrim Iron Helmet
Snow white hair thumb.png Snow White Hair Arbr
Sphinxhelm thumb.png Sphinx Helm
Steampunkhair thumb.png Steampunk Hair Caity
Steampunkrobothead thumb.png Steampunk Robot Head IllumiNaughty420
Straighthair thumb.png Straight Hair Caity
Straightmediumhair thumb.png Straight Medium Hair Caity
Thickgirlhair thumb.png Thick Girl Hair
Tiana hair thumb.png Tiana Hair
Tianahair thumb.png Tiana Hair
Trex head thumb.png T-Rex Head Mooshroom
Umbrellahat thumb.png Umbrella Hat Mooshroom
Unclesamtophat thumb.png Uncle Sam Top Hat Caity
Updobunhair thumb.png Up-do Bun Hair
Vikinghelmet(blood) thumb.png Viking Helmet(Blood)
Vikinghelmet thumb.png Viking Helmet
Voluminousbabypigtailshair thumb.png Voluminous Baby Pigtails Hair Caity
Voluminouscutepigtails thumb.png Voluminous Cute Pigtails Caity
Voluminousmikupigtails thumb.png Voluminous Miku Pigtails Caity
Voluminousponytail thumb.png Voluminous Ponytail Caity
Wanderingminstrelshat thumb.png Wandering Minstrels Hat
Westernjazzyhead thumb.png Western Jazzy Head IllumiNaughty420
Whiteswanhair thumb.png White Swan Hair Caity
Whoville mayor head thumb.png Who-Ville Mayor Head Amp
Witchshat thumb.png Witch's Hat
Womansdoublebun thumb.png Womans Double Bun
Womansleftsidebun thumb.png Womans Left-Side bun
Womansrightsidebun thumb.png Womans Right-Side bun
Wooden skull thumb.png Wooden Skull Thundercat_
Yoshihead thumb.png Yoshi Head Arbr