Loot Bag

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Loot Bag
Max stacksize1
An example of an existing loot bag, known as the "small bag o' skulls" that was obtainable during the Curse of Crows Hallow event in 2019

Loot Bags is an openable item that was added in Patch 9.0.

Many versions of the Loot Bag exist across Craftland and are obtainable through many means. This includes, but is not limited to; Monster Hunt, Events and the VoteWheel.

The purpose of the Loot Bag is to scale down on the amount of RNG in Craftland by allowing players to select which item they desire out of a specific loot bundle.


Right clicking the Loot Bag will open up an interface that allows the player to select 1 of up to 7 loot options (each option containing up to 9 items at once) and retrieve the items in the selected option.

Players can close the bag by using the ESC key. The bag is only consumed upon selecting an option.

Random Instances when a Loot Bag could be obtained

(This does not include all instances, as the list would be ever growing)

  • When defeating a boss in the Curse of Crows Hallow event, there was a chance you'd get a loot bag that allows you to select what piece of loot you want.
  • A ring bag was purchasable during the Curse of Crows Hallow event which allowed players to select a Soulbound version of a past transformation ring given out during halloween.
  • A Monster Hunt Skull Bag can be obtained rarely from Monster Hunt!
  • Day 22 of the Xmas2019 Calendar gave out a bag where a player could select random xmas decorations.