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DV - Mandragora.PNG
Health Pts: 20 Hearts
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Common


The Mandragora spawns within Deepvale in the Mystic Grove, Meadow, Fungi Forest, Ominous Woods and any other biomes that have trees. They are hostile entities that will chase after the player on sight.

These entities are 1.3* blocks tall and 0.75* blocks wide and move quickly.

  • The Mandragora drops SeedsSeeds on death.
  • The Mandragora gives 10 points in the Monster Hunt.


  • Mandragoras will hop out of the ground or fall out of trees once the player gets near and will start chasing them. If the player gets hit, they will suffer 6 damage (3 hearts), Slowness IV, Nausea and Blindness temporarily.
  • If their target evades their chase, they will eventually bury themselves back into the ground waiting for the next player.

Hiding Mandragora