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The Mcpd building

The MCPD, or Minecraft Police Department is group focused on roleplaying in Craftland. It is made by Maxel565, Porkkana1337, and pals.


The MCPD gives you alot of benfits as you go up in the rank. You get perks from ranking up, such as access to different farms, black police moa, bigger office, free food, etc

Ranking up

There is one way to achieve a promotion:

Make a book and quill application saying what did you do and what can you do if you get promoted. Do NOT sign the application. Once you are done, put the application in the deposit box.

NOTE: Your applications can get rejected.

How to join

To join just make a book and quill application saying your name and that you want to join Mcpd. Do NOT sign it. Put it on deposit box. The deposit box is in mcpd building at /warp mcpd.


1twilinghtsparkle Recruit
Porkkana1337 Assistant Chief of Police
Hippopotamus Chief Builder
Nico8300 Chief Inspector
Maxel565 Chief of Police
red2minecraft Deputies
Vepas High Judge
Bart902 Officer
cookie35 Officer
hamham1111 Officer
ibradsteel Officer
ninidan Officer
1twilinghtsparkle Recruit
beni66 Recruit
Covanite Recruit
Cwebb1234 Recruit
Fearfulsky Recruit
gangsta34289 Recruit
GrandShadowx9 Recruit
Icy1256 Recruit
jayden912 Recruit
Johanpohan13 Recruit
KILLGUN345 Recruit
kodegiscute Recruit
krischdieb Recruit
lika000012 Recruit
lollava54 Recruit
MLCrafting Recruit
nickmcski Recruit
Norgoshi Recruit
redfire0 Recruit
Ryuio7 Recruit
SebaJK7 Recruit
SolidMonki21 Recruit
Sulhoric Recruit
Tankim Recruit
wizard1222 Recruit
deathdude202 Senior Officer
kodysewell Senior Officer
Chedd Inspector
monkeyboy574 Inspector
Chaowolfy Sergeant