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Nether Fortress

The Nether is another dimension of Craftland. The Craftland Nether has all the features of the Vanilla Minecraft Nether; however, Zombie Pigmen are observed to be constantly aggressive in Craftland. The rules of Craftland do not apply to the Nether; griefing is allowed and pvp is on. Players may kill each other, blow up TNT wherever they want. For these reasons, there aren't any structures in the Nether.

Advantages of the Nether

Going to the nether has the following advantages:

  • You may find Glowstone, Soul Sand, quartz . There is also plenty of netherrack. Netherrack isn't usually considered a good looking building material, so try to avoid using it for your constructions. It is useful if you are working with fire as it burns indefinitely after being ignited and can be switched (to burning or not burning) using redstone circuits (just power or unpower it with redstone to ignite it or stop the fire). Quartz is a good block to build with due to the different types of quartz blocks there are and are usually found in large groups.
  • You may find Zombie Pigmen, Ghasts, Lava slimes, and Wither Skeletons. Zombie Pigmen drop pork. Killing a Ghast during mob hunt will count as (+6) for your score, unlike any other monster. Wither Skeletons have a chance of dropping a Wither Skull, which is used to spawn in the Wither. Lava slime are usually a pain to get rid of so try to avoid. There are achievements connected with killing many zombie Pigmen and Ghasts.
  • You can find plenty of lava sources in the nether.

Traveling to the Nether

There are many ways to get to the Nether:

  • Make an obsidian portal and light it with a flint and steel, or ask to use another person's portal.
  • If you're able to use someone's portal to visit the Nether, you may make a warp, thus eliminating the need for a Nether Portal.
  • Use someone else's warp.
  • Teleport to a player in the nether (if allowed).
  • Use "/warp netherworld"