Revenant Dagger

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Revenant Dagger
Max stacksize1


The Revenant Dagger is a new Legendary sword that was added in the 8.08 Pirate Dungeon Update.

  • The Revenant Dagger has a special ability that allows a player to attack twice as fast

Important Note

Players have a cooldown on how much they can attack entities, the Revenant Dagger allows a user to attack entities twice as fast, this does not count for the same entity as their invulnerability time is not altered, making this weapon useful for taking down hordes of entities.
TL;DR: Can't attack the same entity at 2x speed, only different ones.

How to Obtain

  • The Revenant Dagger can be obtained from the Pirate Dungeon at a 2.27% chance.
  • The Revenant Dagger can be obtained as a gift from Pig001 (random chance) as a gift due to the Xmas Secret Panda bug.