Sand Spider

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Sand Spider
DV - Spider.PNG
Health Pts: 5 Hearts
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Common


  • The Sand Spider is an incredibly small entity spanning 0.2* blocks wide and 0.1* blocks tall. Due to their size, they can be quite the menace to deal with when roaming the beaches of Deepvale at night time.
  • Sand Spiders spawn in Deepvale specifically on Beaches.
  • Sand Spiders drop StringString and Spider EyeSpider Eye's like regular Spiders and Cave Spiders.


  • The Sand Spider AI is the same as a Spider in that they can climb up blocks and only are hostile towards entities at night time or when provoked. Sand Spiders automatically target the player when the player passes by just like any other hostile entity.
  • Sand Spiders spawn under the sand waiting for a targetable entity to walk by (mostly being the player). They will launch themselves out of the ground attempting to suprise the player.


  • When a Sand Spider attempts to unborrow itself, it can occasionally launch itself upwards of 50 blocks into the sky, creating a rather entertaining situation when they fall down and die.
  • Sand Spiders, alongside Desert Spiders the only spiders with eyes that aren't red.
  • Sand Spiders use the same model as the Desert Spider... just tinier.
  • The Sand Spider is Pig001's favourite mob, as they are so annoying to deal with and have created many entertaining situations with screaming players on teamspeak.