The End

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The End
End Stone
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Ender Dragon

The End can be accessed by activating an end portal in a Stronghold. There is also a portal at /warp greycliff. Craftland's end is different from normal Minecraft's end. Each portal activated will generate it's own island (Some portals share worlds), completely fresh. There is a boss in the end named the Ender Dragon. 24 hours after killing that boss the island/sector the boss was in will be reset. This makes it impossible to build a home or grinder in the end

End Resources

End Mobs/Entities

  • Enderman
  • Ender Crystal
  • Ender Dragon

How to defeat the Dragon

To easily kill the dragon, you will need a Hammer of NotchHammer of Notch, a Valkyrie AxeValkyrie Axe, Healing Items, Armor, and Food.

To kill the dragon, you first use your hammer of notch and aim it at all of the Ender Crystals. They are mounted on top of the Obsidian pillars, and they look like two blue-tinted cubes revolving around a pink cube with a Bedrock-like base. If the Ender Dragon swoops low and dives for you, jump to its side and attack it with your Valkyrie AxeValkyrie Axe until it flies up again. While shooting Ender Crystals, make sure to keep a distance, for they have a large blast radius. Ender Crystals will heal the Ender Dragon, but if you blow up one while an Ender Dragon is being healed by it or is close to it, it may take a large amount of damage.

Once the dragon is killed, collect all the xp. Also crouch and slowly walk around the corners to collect XP that fell in the portal. After you have all the XP (66-67 levels), Use 8 blocks and make a square around the Dragon EggDragon Egg, and then break the egg with any tool (even your fist works) to collect the egg. You may then warp elsewhere, or jump in the portal.

If you wish to obtain a Dragon SoulDragon Soul as a drop from the Ender Dragon, you will need to hit it with a Dark ScytheDark Scythe at least once during the entire boss fight.

A good way to get more than two level 30 enchantments is to only take 30 levels, go home and enchant, go back, take another 30, go home and enchant, and to keep repeating the process until there is no more XP. This way, you can get more out of your victory.