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Player Since August 13, 2014
Rank Immortal
Status Inactive (Due to IRL Issues)
Time Zone Eastern USA (GMT -5)
Gender Male
Lives in Saratoga, New York

An incredible ex-Administrator. Retired on the 27th of September 2019.


Name Release date note Img
Argour August 23, 2014 Argour was a project with a few friends of Arbr's. He wanted to make a nice town in the aether for the few of them. The Towns People were : Srout LukeRage, amc541, dragonfable122, TwizzlerPenguin, Hotpot27, Cbaby1011, DragonianCole, Callxsta, special_S, derpingderperson, Se0xX, Nydiac, Midevilbrownie, smokespoke526, TheLittleFurnace, Sleepyx7, hottknife, Respawnage, and CheeseyCrackers.

In Argour there was a school which was led by Sleepy and Arbr together. The School was first designed based off a build the LukeRage and Arbr have built on previous servers. The School was later closed and added to an extension to a guild called "Raven", in which Sleepy, Luke, and Arbr owned.

At One point in time, Argour has an Orange Tree Farm that grew about 200+ Orange Tree Plants. Near the Farm was where the second location for Argmart was held. Argmart was later moved to a different location within the town and the Orange Tree Farm was donated to players who were needing Orange Trees.

In the early stages of Argour, There was an Underground city that was about to be worked on. This never officially got started and is still today not touched.

Argmart can be found in the Town of Argour. This Mart has been in several locations within the town. First Location being in the Town Square, Second by the Orange Tree Farm, and Lastly near the Tavern on the lower part of town.

Four Corners September, 2014 Four Corners was an event that was started by Sebastian, Moosh, and Arbr and later continued with only Pig001 and Arbr. The Game is very well known now to be a game that Pig and Arbr can host. The Game works as follows... On the start the walls will open. You will have a limited amount of time before the walls close. When the walls close a color will be called and shown on the beacon in the center. If your color is called then you are out. The reward for this Event was different hats, 4 Corners Hat, and eventually down the Road Staff Event Tickets.

In the Current Days of Craftland, Four Corners is sometimes hosted by Jaylee at his own Arena. But The Original Four Corners is not done most of the time due to not having the players required to play or the time of any administrator to be able to help with the walls. When requirements are all met then we sure will host Four Corners, but it can be hard.

Soups and Stews September / October, 2014 Soups and Stews was a Project that Arbr was working on with Sleepy. The Ideas was very liked but nothing has happened with any of the ideas yet. Some concepts still need to be rethought and some need to be more fleshed out. But the bases of the idea was good enough for the administrators liking. We might be able to see these ideas come out further in the future but for now they are not at any priority and still need some development.
Raven Guild November ,2014 The Raven Guild was under Development in November 2014 till about January 2014. Players that helped with the construction were Cbaby1011, Arbr, Sleepyx7, LukeRage, and EstonianBro. The Guild was connected through warp pads to the school in Argour as an extension of the guild. The Guilds halls were based off the schools hallway design but revamped. Players who joined Raven in the beginning were given a Raven Members hat and all the leaders obtained a Raven Leader hat. The Guild went under some heat around its opening due to clans at that time leaving a couple days to a week before the opening of Raven.

Raven stayed as a staple group that players look at, similar to the Pandas but not as epic. Raven guild has not done much in its time around but is planning to rebuild and grow more during the release of the world Deepvale.

Quake Map: Egg Hunt March 28, 2015 During the Beginning of March, Hotpot and Arbr both were wanting to make Quake maps. The First map was for Easter which was suppose to be somewhat of an Easter Event which could stay as a quake map for a long time. They asked the community to vote on the name, some of the other options were Carrot Farm and Rabbit Farm. The map has a Bunny in the center with a bunch of underground passages and hot air balloons. Before the release of the map there was thoughts that the air balloons would be too OP and people would camp in them and win. But instead players hid in the tunnels by the Bunny and used the structure of the cave to hit other players. The Map turned out to be a very nice addition to the Quakecraft Map Selection.
Color Me Snakes March 29, 2015 Color Me Snakes was a game that was developed by Nickmcski, Arbr, Hotpot, and Cbaby1011. Not much can be shown or talked about the game but it has been under development and may come to the server in the future. Image will be provided when Color Me Snakes is Released.
Arena World May ,2015 In Late April (Early May), LukeRage , Arbr, Pig001, Hotpot27, Cbaby1011, MrGoldGames, and several other players went to build a new Arena for Craftland. This arena would be placed in its own world and look a lot bigger / more amazing for players to experience their boss battles. As an addition to the product of what the arena came out to be, Nidefawl added a new boss called the Vampire Boss and made it so that if a boss is active that the sky will turn red.

Stalls at the Arena were sold for a set period of time for a rent and slowly died down.

Quake Map: Rainbow Road June, 2015 In June of 2015, Hotpot, Arbr and a few others decided it would be nice to make a few more quake maps due to the good feedback from Egg Hunt. There was a Poll and the Most Popular was Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. We Made a few twists and made it so that this map would be one of the more challenging maps but still fun. A Good Majority of the map can be broken due to being Stain Glass.
Quake Map: Crypt June, 2015 After the creation of the map Rainbow Road, There was another map building built right after called Crypt. This was the 2nd most voted for map on the list of maps given on a poll. Unfortunately this map was never released and was not completely finished. Due to the amount of little block usage, it worried them that it would lag players when playing and would not be enjoyable. The Map might be re looked at in the future but at this point has no intentions to fix.
Quake Map: Garden August, 2015 The Map was created by LukeRage, Arbr, and Pig001. It was created to be a new map that could replace the map WalRaven. Currently it has not been added and is still under debate to replace the map Walraven but in the future you could see this map come around.
Grimlock September, 2015 towards the middle of September 2015, Hotpot, Arbr, and Several others started working on a map for Craftlands Halloween Event for 2015. The Map was Released at the begining of October and Ended mid November. Grimlock had quest with a bunch puzzles (Roughly 14) and had everyone doing something. The prize at the end was several new hats and a new ring which turned people into a pumpkin. This Event got so much good review that it will be saved for a possible reboot / recreation for the 2016 Halloween Event and Possibly will be the bases on some inspiration for a Quest System or even more Holiday events to come to craftland.
Erith July, 2016 Erith is a town created by Arbr and a few other people for the guild "Raven". This is to be the new location for raven. The world came out in May of 2016 and is called "Shadow Skylands." Many homes was built by Mizsi but many others were a group effort between guild members.
Quake Map Edits July, 2016 Do to some changes with Quake, Many quake maps were re-done to follow players feedbacks on how the maps could improve. The maps were also given compatibility with Abilitized Modes of Quake.
Grimlock 2 October, 2016 towards the end of August development of the second Grimlock started. Grimlock was to be more coded and put together than the one from the previous year. Production of the map was finished on September 11th and began to be coded. On October 27th It was released to the public. This story was more detailed and had several side quests and fun things to do. The map was re-designed based off last years and created a nice environment for the players. A few other players had also helped with the creation.

Note: Ones after Grimlock log will be edited to have correct pictures.