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Age: 18
Player Since November 16, 2016
Rank No Lifer
Status Inactive
Time Zone CET
Gender Male

Ex-Helper of Craftland.


Veteran Skin Set

Mc-Name: Crovan

Current Ranks: Architect, No Lifer, Prem IV

Occupation: I'm fairly good at building and involved in many projects across the server. I created a couple of Armorer's Skins too.

Promotion: I got promoted to Helper in mid September 2017

What else to know? I'm from Germany and traveled allot. This year Ireland and Georgia (nope, not Coca-Cola-land, the actual Georgia :P) will be hailed with my presence.


  • joined Craftland fall 2016
  • found the Town Telrone
  • joined Woodtop City in Deepvale
  • started a Skin-Collection --> Museum: /warp Asgard
  • began to submit AW-Skins


Projects Crovan is involved in:
Project Warp
Telrone /warp Telrone_Central
Woodtop-City /warp woodtop