Valkyrie Queen

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Valkyrie Queen
DUN-Silver.pngValkyrie Queen
Health Pts: HP.png 250 (500 HP)
Found in: Aether
Spawn Rate: 1 per Silver Dungeon


The Valkyrie Queen is a much stronger version of the Valkyrie, and like the Valkyrie, she can only be found in a Silver Dungeon. The Valkyrie Queen asks you to prove your strength by slaying 10 Valkyries and presenting her with 10 Victory MedalVictory Medals before you can fight her. She will teleport occasionally when hit to a different part of her throne room. Bare in mind she will never teleport near the entrance side of the room, use that to your advantage!

  • The Valkyrie Queen has 500 health (250 hearts) and is immune to Damage Over Time effects.
  • The Valkyrie Queen has a larger attack range than the player unless they're using a Valkyrie Weapon.
  • The Valkyrie Queen can occasionally fire out an invisible Ice Ball that will explode, ignite the ground and smite the player.



This simple strategy requires you to have:

A good strategy when fighting the Valkyrie Queen is to stand on the far back wall of the throne room and shoot her. Since she never teleports to that area of the room, it is easy to track her down and shoot before she runs towards you. On occasion, she will lose aggro towards you and will just stand there like a sitting duck.


With melee, I recommend you have:

I suggest a long ranged weapon due to the Valkyrie Queen's large attack radius. If you do not have long ranged weapon, it's better to have gear that can protect you since the Valkyrie Queen hits hard. I also recommend, if you're not wearing a full set of gravitite, to jump and as you land; swing your weapon to land a critical strike on the Queen to deal bonus damage.


Once the Valkyrie Queen dies, it will drop some experience orbs, 1 Golden SwordGolden Sword and 1 Silver KeySilver Key. The Silver Key can be used to unlock a chest that appears infront of the queen's throne, underneath some Wooden TrapdoorWooden Trapdoors, after the queen dies.