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A Moa
Health Pts: 20 Hearts
Found in: Aether/Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Common
Winter Moa
Health Pts: 20 Hearts
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: Common
No image yet yikes
Health Pts: 20 Hearts
Found in: Shadow Skylands
Spawn Rate: Common

Moas are passive mobs that do not take fall damage. They may be mounted using a SaddleSaddle when it is a tamed one. Wild moas can't be mounted. Only wild moas are the ones who lay eggs, so a tamed/incubated moa does not lay any eggs (since 2.5 update). Also, since the 3.0/3.032 updates, moas may fall into the Overworld, where they will roam as they normally would. Another trait added in recent update, is that moas may not be killed unless dropped into the void.


Craftland introduces exclusive colors of moas to its server. The complete list of colors (including default) of moas are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Cyan
  • Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Purple
  • Magenta
  • Pink
  • White
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Winter
  • Blue Shadow
  • Yellow Shadow
  • Pink Shadow
  • Green Shadow

These colors are noticeably similar to the color of dyes, yet moas may not be dyed.


Moas drop eggs to their corresponding colors after 5-10 minutes (MOAS WILL ONLY LAY UP TO 4 EGGS IN THEIR LIFE). If the moa has yellow legs, that means it still has some eggs left in it to lay. If it has grey legs, that means it has no eggs left to lay in its lifetime. To make it easier to collect an egg, one can build a 2 block high square around the moa, as they cannot jump higher than 1 block, and wait. (Moas with yellow beaks and legs will lay eggs, grey beaks and legs will not.)

Once an egg is acquired, use an Incubator, fueled by an Ambrosium Torch, to hatch the egg into a baby moa. A baby moa will only eat when hungry. Moas eat Aechor Petals, respective to as many times they can jump as a grown moa.

  • Black/Shadow - 8 aechor petals, 6 mid-air jumps.
  • White - 4 aechor petals, 4 mid-air jumps.
  • Coloured - 3 aechor petals, 3 mid-air jumps.

(If you are too impatient you can feed any one of them a single Golden Aechor Petal and they will be fully grown.)

Once fully grown, attach a saddle to the moa and it will be claimed yours and will become mountable. Mounted moas are controllable.


Wild moas roam the aether grass, they will often fall off the island and slowly fall off. Fallen moas do not show up in world, like a fallen player will, but they may be hatched and tamed in any world. Moas make no attempt to avoid falling off edges, yet they seem to climb obstacles, making it hard to trap them to get eggs. Moas do not run away once attacked.


Moas can be used for getting to high altitudes. They can also be used for recreational activities such as racing. The most common use of a moa is to travel.