Warp Pad

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Warp Pad
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Warp Pad is a block that requires an additional Warp Pad to function. It's main purpose is to teleport players between them.

Whenever a player teleports through a Warp PadWarp Pad, they are required to wait a set amount of time before doing it again.

  • As of update 5.05 (and 5.02), it is possible for each player to add passwords to their warp pads. The conditions to add a password to one are: Be the one to have placed the warp pad and you must be the region owner of the region which the pad is placed in.
  • In update 5.4 Warp pads now work in between worlds.


  • Transport a player between the linked Warp Pads.
  • Transport items between the linked Warp Pads.

How to Obtain

  • 2x Warp Pads can be obtained by trading Boss MedalBoss Medals with the NPC at /arena.
  • 2x Warp Pads can be obtained in the Credit Shop for 8 Credits (40,000 Coins).


On release, Warp PadWarp Pads were exclusive to Admins.