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McMMO Name: Acrobatics
Type: Unique
Command: /acrobatics
Max Level:


Acrobatics is a McMMO skill that gives the benefits of taking less damage/no damage when falling. Additionally, Acrobatics has a passive effect that can help with combat.


Acrobatics has 3 skills, all of which are passive effects:

  • Roll (Passive Effect):
    • Reduces or completely negates the damage taken from a fall.
    • Maximum of 100% chance damage at level 1,000 (10% per 100 levels).
  • Graceful Roll (Passive Effect):
    • Twice as effective as Roll (the amount of damage reduced is multiplied by 2). This ability replaces Roll when activated.
    • Maximum of 100% chance at level 500 (20% per 100 levels).
  • Dodge (Passive Effect):
    • Reduce damage taken by half when attacked by a hostile entity or player.
    • Maximum of 30% chance at level 1,200 (2.5% per 100 levels).


/acrobatics: Lists information about the Acrobatics skill.

/mctop acrobatics: Lists the top players in the Acrobatics skill.


  • Acrobatics is semi-obsolete due to Gravitite armor but is useful for people who do not wear this armor often enough.

EXP Gain

You gain Acrobatics XP based on the amount of distance fallen and total damage calculated before negation.

  • Wearing Feather Falling reduces the amount of damage you take before McMMO is calculated therefore reduces the amount of XP you gain.
  • You can gather Acrobatics experience through a few Arena bosses since their damage can classify as fall damage.
  • You cannot gather experience whilst wearing Gravitite Armor.


An easy method of gaining Acrobatics XP is to travel to a pre-built Acrobatics farm. An example of one is /warp Acrobatics Fitness in Suntopia.