Aether Weapons

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There are many more weapons in the Aether in addition to the ones from vanilla. The different sword materials have different abilities.


Skyroot SwordSkyroot Sword: The Skyroot sword Aether equivalent of a Wooden Sword.

Holystone SwordHolystone Sword: The Holystone sword is the Aether Equivalent of a vanilla minecraft stone sword.

Zanite SwordZanite Sword: Unlike other Zanite tools, the more the Zanite Sword becomes damaged nothing changes about the speed or damage of the tool.

Holy SwordHoly Sword: This sword deals extra damage to undead mobs (just like the Smite enchantment).

Lightning SwordLightning Sword: When a player hits a mob/player with the sword, lightning is struck on the mob/player.

Flaming SwordFlaming Sword: The flaming sword will set the opponent on fire upon landing a hit.

Gravitite SwordGravitite Sword: When hitting an entity with it, the entity (mob/player) gets launched in the air for a few blocks.

Valkyrie SwordValkyrie Sword: Valkyrie Sword Damage; +9 to 11 Damage, +4 Reach, 14% chance to 2x damage


Valkyrie BowValkyrie Bow: It takes twice the time to fully charge the bow, but it does twice as much damage as a normal bow.

Phoenix BowPhoenix Bow:It fires normal arrows and can be enchanted as can any other tool and weapon. However its arrows will set the target block or entity on fire for a short period of time.


Hammer of NotchHammer of Notch: When right clicked, it fires a straight missile in the shape of the head of the hammer. When left clicked, it is used as a mallet to hit enemies

Lightning KnifeLightning Knife:When thrown (right-click), they create a single bolt of lightning.