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McMMO Name: Archery
Type: Combat
Command: /archery
Max Level:


Archery is a combat based McMMO skill. This means that you can only gather experience for this skill using either a BowBow, Phoenix BowPhoenix Bow or Valkyrie BowValkyrie Bow. The amount of experience you gather is based on the type of entity and how they were spawned.

  • You recieve a multiplication of the normal experience you would recieve based on the level of the mob (Making Greycliff and Shadow Skylands a good place to grind experience).
  • You recieve a much higher amount when firing at an Arena boss.
  • You recieve an incredibly low amount of experience for MobSpawner PigMobSpawner Pig spawned mobs.


Archery has 3 abilities, all of which are passive effects:

  • Damage Multiplier (Passive Effect):
    • The damage you deal is multiplied, increasing with level. This effect ignores any enchantments and only multiplies the base damage of your bow.
    • Maximum of 6.00x damage at level 1,200 (0.50x per 100 levels).
  • Sharp Shot (Passive Effect):
    • You have a chance to fire a sharp shot, increasing with level. Sharp Shots ignore all resistances (Armor and any other form of resistance) and deal Absoloute Damage to the target. Incredibly helpful for taking down the Vampire Boss. The shot can also not be reflected.
    • Maximum of 60% chance at level 1,200 (5% per 100 levels).
  • Arrow Retrieval (Passive Effect):
    • If you're not using the infinity enchantment, you have a chance for the arrow to return.
    • Maximum of 80% chance at level 1,200 (6.667% per 100 levels).


/archery: Lists information about the Archery skill.

/mctop archery: Lists the top players in the Archery skill.


  • Archery was removed in the past due to it having a few obsolete skills but was reimplemented again with new skills.