Boss Spawner

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Boss Spawner
Inactive Boss Spawner
Boss Spawner
Active Boss Spawner

The Boss Spawner is located in the servers Arena, setup by the servers Staff team. Here, you can fight one of currently 6 different bosses.


See Boss Fights for information on actual bosses and their respective battles.


The spawner is animated. Three layers of 4 wither skeletons skulls are slowly turning. When the cooldown is over you can see a flame inside of the spawner and the wither skulls start turning faster. When the boss is spawning, a circle-like particle effect surrounds the spawner, disappearing after a few seconds, when the boss is spawned.

How to spawn the Boss

When the Boss Spawner is active you must throw any non-enchanted items/potions/deepvale blocks into it and it will consume it. Quick methods of summoning the boss include throwing in:


After the boss is killed there is a Cooldown, the Cooldown can be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount of people there. The more people on the server the less the cooldown will be. The equation used to include the cooldown being shorter based on people around the Boss Spawner, but this was changed a while ago.

"The number of players to the power of 3 reduces the cooldown time" - Nidefawl

  • For example; 10 players online will reduce the cooldown by 10x10x10 (1000) seconds. Subtract that from 7200s and you get left with 6,200 seconds (1 hour 43 minutes 20 seconds).
  • Another example; 35 players online will reduce the cooldown by 35x35x35 (42875) seconds. Since this ends up being less than 20 minutes, the arena will reset in 20 minutes.