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The Ruby is a gem that was added in Patch 6.0. It can be obtained from mining Ruby Ore in Deepvale (super rarely) or the Mining World (rarely), and can only be found in desert biomes.

Rubies, as of Patch 8.8, can also be looted from Gold Dungeons!

Ruby is one of the rarer (and more useful, due to being required to create CitrineCitrine) gemstones, being rarer than SapphireSapphire and slightly rarer than OnyxOnyx.


  • Rubies can be used within the Infusement AltarInfusement Altar to create CitrineCitrine.
  • Rubies can be used to create a Ruby PaxelRuby Paxel (an upgrade from the Iron PaxelIron Paxel).
  • Rubies, similar to all minerals, can compressed into block form for easier storage (Ruby BlockRuby Block).
  • Rubies, similar to other newer gems, can be used to create a hanging light. (In this instance, a Ruby Hanging LightRuby Hanging Light).