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DUN-Pirate.pngPD - Captain.PNG
Health Pts: HP.png 2500 (5000 HP)
Found in: Deepvale
Spawn Rate: 1 per Pirate Dungeon


The Captain is the boss of the Pirate Dungeon.

  • This boss walks slowly, allowing the player to easily walk around and attack him.
  • Attacking the Captain will randomly cause the weapon used to be Damage Locked.
  • The attack radius of the Captain is very low, giving the player a lot of free movement.


The Captain drops a Pirate Dungeon Loot KeyPirate Dungeon Loot Key on death. The key can then be used to loot the Treasure Chest through a new hole in the wall that has formed.

Click here for the list of loot obtainable from the Treasure Chest

The Captain in the Pirate Dungeon boss chamber