Carved Stone

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Carved Stone
Data value0
Max stacksize64

Carved Stone is a dungeon block, these are the only dungeon stones, including Sentry Stone, that is obtainable and breakable by normal players. After defeating a Slider there will be a random amount of Carved Stone dropped which is no more than 10 blocks. The only other way to acquire this stone, is by killing Sentries. This block can also be obtained by mining custom dungeons in Greycliff.

Tips for Harvesting

  • Killing Sentries with a looting sword should help (Confirmed)
  • Finding multiple Bronze Dungeons will help maintain a constant rate of obtaining Carved Stone.
    • Try to find enough dungeons so it takes 5-6 minutes to do the rotation. Upon finishing the last Slider you should be able to start back at the first spot.
    • Stock up on pickaxes, using a Gravitite Pickaxe should allow a player to keep farming for a bit.