Bronze Dungeon

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Release Date: Aug 26, 2011
Patch Released: 1.8
Dungeon Boss (Slider)

Brown Wool About

Bronze dungeons are randomly generated inside aether islands.

In old generated Aether land, the dungeon consists of an empty hallway made of Mossy Holystone and normal HolystoneHolystone that will lead you to the bronze dungeon.

In new generated Aether land, the dungeon consists of a mineable Carved Stone hallway that leads to various chest rooms (some chests are Mimics.) The boss is located past these rooms and hallways.

The dungeon entrance can be seen on the side of an island, or a lower section of the surface. The boss of the bronze dungeon is a Slider.

Inside, the dungeon is identified by a large square room of non-mineable Carved StoneCarved Stone and an occasional Sentry StoneSentry Stone. While these blocks cannot be mined inside the dungeon (as any dungeon), killing a Sentry will drop either a Sentry StoneSentry Stone, or Carved StoneCarved Stone. The boss will drop a decent amount of Carved StoneCarved Stone and give you a Bronze KeyBronze Key.

Brown Wool Boss Fight

The Slider is first activated when hit using any pickaxe. It is advised that you bring several Zanite or Iron Pickaxes, because the Slider will take a toll on the durability, and Diamond or Gravitite Pickaxes are more valuable. It is also advised that your pickaxe(s) have an Efficiency enchantment or that you have a Strength potion, as those both will deal more damage to the Slider.

The Slider will attack you by sliding towards you, thus knocking you back and dealing damage. A good strategy is to always stay diagonal from the Slider, because it can only move in the four cardinal directions, as well as up and down. It is also advised that you bring a Golden Feather or Gravitite Armor, because when the Slider comes in contact with you, you will also be knocked upwards.

Brown Wool Loot

Once defeated, the Slider gives you a Bronze KeyBronze Key which is used to open the, now revealed, chest under the Slider's platform. Available loot:

Blue Gummie SwetBlue Gummie Swet
Common Loot
(Restore 5 hearts!)

Gold Gummie SwetGold Gummie Swet
Uncommon Loot
(Restore 10 hearts!)

Agility CapeAgility Cape
Common Loot
(Walk up one block high walls without jumping!)

Swet CapeSwet Cape
Common Loot
(Become friendly with Swets!)

Cold AercloudCold Aercloud
Common Loot
(All colours of Aercloud!)
HatHat - Green Swet
Common Loot
(Wear this on your head!)

HatHat - Golden Swet
Common Loot
(Wear this on your head!)

HatHat - Blue Swet
Common Loot
(Wear this on your head!)

HatHat - Pink Swet
Common Loot
(Wear this on your head!)
Valkyrie LanceValkyrie Lance
Common Loot
(Long range combat!)

Hammer of NotchHammer of Notch
Common Loot
(Shoot a large AOE projectile that deals 4 damage!)

Lightning KnifeLightning Knife
Common Loot
(Throwable knife that smites where it lands!)

Flaming SwordFlaming Sword
Common Loot
(Set the opponent on fire!)

Phoenix BowPhoenix Bow
Common Loot
(A bow with a built in Flame enchant!)

Brown Wool Other

  • If a Bronze Dungeon happens to not have the boss there, contact a Moderator to reset the dungeon.
  • You cannot teleport into a Dungeon but you can teleport out using /spawn