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Data value0
Max stacksize64

The Enchanter is similar to that of the Overworld's Furnace. It is fueled using Ambrosium ShardAmbrosium Shards (or Ambrosium BlockAmbrosium Blocks).

The Enchanter, as well as "enchanting" items, can be used to repair specific weapons, tools and armor. However, all enchantments will be lost upon repairing a piece of equipment, so it's best to stick to an AnvilAnvil to repair enchanted items.

Non-Repair Enchanter Recipes
Gravitite OreGravitite Ore will turn into Enchanted GravititeEnchanted Gravitite
QuicksoilQuicksoil will turn into Quicksoil GlassQuicksoil Glass
HolystoneHolystone will turn into a Healing StoneHealing Stone
Blue BerryBlue Berry will turn into an Enchanted BerryEnchanted Berry
Dart ShooterDart Shooter will turn into an Enchanted ShooterEnchanted Shooter
Golden DartGolden Dart will turn into an Enchanted DartEnchanted Dart
Poison BucketPoison Bucket will turn into a Remedy BucketRemedy Bucket
Music DiscMusic Disc will turn into a Blue Music DiskBlue Music Disk

The enchanter has a similar GUI to that of a furnace, and looks like most other 'Aether Tool Blocks' such as FreezerFreezers or IncubatorIncubators.


IngredientsInput >> Output
Zanite Gemstone
HolystoneHolystoneHolystoneGrid layout Arrow (small).pngEnchanter
HolystoneZanite GemstoneHolystone