Frozen Quicksoil

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Frozen Quicksoil
Data value0
Max stacksize64


Frozen Quicksoil is commonly found on the sides of Shadow Skyland islands. They spawn in flat horizontal circular shapes.
When mobs or players walk on it, their movement speed is increased. Frozen Quicksoil is a dangerous block as it may cause the player to fall down and die.

Frozen Quicksoil is basically a blue QuicksoilQuicksoil.


  • Frozen Quicksoil, due to its properties, can be used to create slippery surfaces for faster transportation.
  • Frozen Quicksoil can also simply be used as decoration.

How to Obtain

  • Frozen Quicksoil generates within the Shadow Skylands and can be dug up similarly to any other block.
  • Frozen Quicksoil can be obtained by freezing QuicksoilQuicksoil within a FreezerFreezer.

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