Infusement Book

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Infusement Book
Max stacksize1

Basic Information

The Infusement Book is a book that acts as a guide to the Infusement Altar, including Skull Power Values, a building guide and a recipe list.


When right clicked, it will bring up a GUI that will show many pages. Each page includes a different part of information to do with the Infusement Altar.

To view the recipes, they must be purchased using XP by navigating to the recipes page in the book, and clicking the "Unlock Recipe" button underneath the displayed recipe. Recipes are "saved" to the book and that book only, and must be unlocked before the selected recipe can be crafted in the Infusement Altar.

To use the Infusement Altar, the book must be placed in the book slot inside the altar. When inside the Infusement Altar, a clickable Recipes button appears, that will enable the user to view all their recipes. Before the Infusement Altar can craft a recipe, it must be unlocked inside the book and be placed in the specific Infusement Altars book slot.


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