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McMMO Name: Mining
Type: Gathering
Command: /mining
Max Level:


Mining is a block-based McMMO skill that increases when the user breaks specific blocks with a pickaxe that are usually associated with mining, such as stone, holystone, netherrack, and various ores. Note that these blocks must be spawned naturally, and breaking blocks placed by players will award no experience. There are tiers of experience awarded when mining ores which increases by the rarity (such as iron ore not awarding as much experience as diamond ore). Picaxes must be used to award any experience.


Mining has 2 skills.

(Active ability) Super breaker: Super Breaker is the active mining skill, activated by right-clicking any block while mining it with a picaxe (Note: The skill cannot be activated if the block is not being mined when it is right-clicked). While Super Breaker is active, it triples mining speed and drops. The duration of this skill is dependent on the level.

(Passive effect) Double Drop: Double drop, similar to all other McMMO block-based skills, drops multiple blocks when a block is broken. The chance increases as the level of the skill increases. There is a 100% chance for a double drop at level 1000 (0.1% per level)


/mining: Lists information about the Mining skill.

/mctop mining: Lists the top players in the Mining skill.