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Health Pts: HP.png 5 (10 HP)
Found in: Magic SaplingDeepvale Bamboo Forests
Spawn Rate: Common
Item Drops
1 Raw BeefRaw Beef (Common)
Mob Spawner
MobSpawner PigMobspawner Panda
1 Purchasable from the Credit Store
  • Small amount of experience when killed.
  • The player is smitten if the Panda is killed by them.

Basic Information

Pandas are passive mobs which naturally spawn inside of the Bamboo Forest within Deepvale and can be spawned using spawn eggs or MobSpawners. They commonly drop an amount of raw beef (which is similar to cows or Flying Cows).

Getting a panda

  • A panda may can be acquired by using a panda spawn egg (5 Credits = 15,000 coins at the shop) or a panda spawner (1,000 Credits = 3,000,000 coins at the shop).
  • Pandas can also be picked up by using a Empty Spawn Egg/Reusable Spawn EggReusable Spawn Egg and can be moved to another location once found (either in the wild or created by spawners/eggs).

Panda Spawner.jpg


Pandas may be bred in a similar way to cows. Feed two pandas wheat and then let them mate. A baby panda will appear and they will drop very few experience.


  • Pandas were made obtainable (spawn eggs/spawners) on the 12th of September, 2013.
  • The panda mob model was based off of the model of a regular cow.
  • When killing a panda, either a baby or adult one, lightning will strike you. This refers to the fact that the panda is (one of) the most loved Craftland animals, thus it is a shame if you kill one. Some even say it is Craftlands unique mascotte.