Rainbow Panda

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Rainbow Panda
Rainbow Panda
Health Pts: HP.png 5 (10 HP)
Found in: Doesn't Spawn Naturally
Item Drops
1 Raw BeefRaw Beef (Common)
2 StrawberryStrawberry (Common)
Mob Spawner
MobSpawner PigMobspawner Panda
1 Purchasable from the Credit Store
  • Small amount of experience when killed.
  • The player is smitten if a Rainbow Panda is killed by them.

About + AI

The Rainbow Panda is a passive entity which means it will never attempt to attack the player even when provoked. The Rainbow Panda does not interact with any blocks and will try to run away when attacked.

The Rainbow Panda has exactly the same AI as a Panda.


  • Raw BeefRaw Beef (SteakSteak when using Fire Aspect or Flame) - Can be eaten to restore 3 hunger (1.5 icons).
  • StrawberryStrawberry - Can be eaten to restore 4 hunger (2 icons) and gives the player the Scary Berry effect for 2 minutes.
  • A small amount of Bottle o' EnchantingExperience.


Rainbow Pandas can be bred with other Rainbow Pandas or with regular Pandas using WheatWheat.

  • After breeding there is a set cooldown for approximately 5-10 minutes before they can breed again.
    • Breeding a regular Panda and a Rainbow Panda will have a Rare chance to spawn a Baby Rainbow Panda.
    • Breeding two Rainbow Pandas has approximately a 10% chance to spawn a Baby Rainbow Panda.
Baby Rainbow Panda


  • Pandas were made obtainable (spawn eggs/spawners) on the 12th of September, 2013.
  • The panda mob model was based off of the model of a regular cow.
  • When killing a Panda, either a baby or adult one, lightning will strike you. This refers to the fact that the panda is (one of) the most loved Craftland animals, thus it is a shame if you kill one. Some even say it is Craftlands unique mascotte.