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Ruby Paxel
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The [Ruby Paxel]] is a new type of tool added in the Deepvale update. The Ruby Paxel, like all other Paxels, can be enchanted. The Ruby Paxel is repaired using RubyRuby.

The Ruby Paxel is the middle tier of Paxel within Craftland (lowest being being the Iron PaxelIron Paxel and highest tier being the SapphireSapphire).


The paxel is able to mine like a shovel, pickaxe and axe all at once. This also means excavation, mining and woodcutting McMMO XP are given for the spesific block mined. It also has its own custom MCMMO skill called "Fast Pax", which has all of the abilities of the Tree Feller, Giga Drill and Super Breaker.

The Ruby Paxel is also used to craft the next tier of Paxel, the Sapphire PaxelSapphire Paxel.

How to Obtain

  • As of Update 8.3, the Ruby Paxel can no longer be made within the Infusement AltarInfusement Altar.

The Ruby Paxel can be crafted with 1 StickStick, 1 Iron PaxelIron Paxel and 3 Ruby BlockRuby Blocks within a Crafting TableCrafting Table.


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