Shadow Zephyr

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Shadow Zephyr
Health Pts: HP.png 25 (50 HP)
Found in: Shadow GrassShadow Skylands
Spawn Rate: Uncommon
Item Drops
1 Cold AercloudCold Aercloud (Common)
Mob Spawner
  • Shows up as a Passive entity on the map.
  • Normally spawns as a Level 1 mob.
  • Small amount of Flux when killed.


  • Shadow Zephyrs are hostile entities that spawn randomly within the Shadow Skylands.
  • Shadow Zephyrs can spawn as a leveled entity within the Shadow Skylands and has amplified stats, similar to Greycliff mobs.


  • Shadow Zephyrs have similar AI to a Zephyr but damage the player.
  • The shots that a Shadow Zephyr fires deal decent damage to the player.