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The Flux bar holding 490,970* Flux (490.97 Levels)


Flux was implemented in the Shadow Skylands update alongside the Flux Altar and many other items. However, Flux is not an item, it is a resource similar to Experience. Flux's resource system is more intensive than the Experience system and 2,000 Flux is only 2 levels compared to 30 levels of experience.

Unlike the Experience system, Flux does not have a curve for leveling up. Each level has the same difficulty to level up.

Other Information

- Flux BottleFlux Bottle, holding 2,000 Flux, are currently worth 450 coins* in Shop ChestShop Chests.

- Similar to Experience, you lose Flux on death and only a percentage is lost (or none is lost) based on your Premium rank.


  • Flux's sole use is within the Flux AltarFlux Altar. The Flux AltarFlux Altar is a station that allows the player to create items out of other ones and has several options for the player to allow them decide what they wish to do with their Flux.
  • Flux can be used to repair the Blade of the Elysians.

Methods of Obtaining

Flux Grinders: A Flux grinder is created using MobSpawner PigNeonic Swet Spawners. This is because this is the only Flux entity whos spawner can be obtained without a special offer. Additionally, Neonic Swets drop Blue GlowstoneBlue Glowstone and Purple GlowstonePurple Glowstone which grant Flux when broken.