Spider Head

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Spider Head
Data value9
Max stacksize64


The Spider Head is a type of skull that was added to Craftland at approximately the same time as the Infusement AltarInfusement Altar was.

Spider Heads were originally obtainable only through trading using Staff Event TicketStaff Event Tickets before Update 8.3.


Currently, Spider Heads are involved in the infusement of several items;

Spider Heads can also be used as decoration.

How to Obtain

  • Spider Heads are dropped rarely from Spiders/Cave Spiders/Sand Spiders and Desert Spiders. This implies that the best method of gathering Spider Heads would be to set up a Spider grinder.
    • Looting enchants DO NOT effect the drop-rate of Spider Heads.


  • Spider Heads used to have a Skull Power of 6.
  • The old infusement recipe for the Spectral PickaxeSpectral Pickaxe required a minimum Skull Power of 22. This meant that players must've used at least 2 Spider Heads in order to craft the pickaxe.

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