Stellar Axe

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Stellar Axe
Max stacksize1

The Stellar Axe is an axe that was added in the 8.053 Loot Update 2 alongside the Stellar PickaxeStellar Pickaxe and Stellar SwordStellar Sword and is available from the Elysian Dungeons.

  • The Stellar Axe gains an additional efficiency boost based on the time of day (Minimum 0.0F at daytime, 8.0F at night time).
  • The Stellar Axe has a red glow when not gaining any bonuses and a white glow when recieving bonuses.
  • The Stellar Axe deals 9 damage, 3 less than the Spectral AxeSpectral Axe and 1 more than the Perfect Diamond AxePerfect Diamond Axe.

The Stellar Axe can be enchanted.

The Stellar Axe can only be repaired with another Stellar Axe or by using Aether OrbAether Orbs.