Elysian Dungeon

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Release Date: 21st May 2016
Patch Released: Update 7.0
Dungeon Boss (Elysian Knight)
EK - Knight.jpg
Outside the dungeon
Inside the dungeon


The Elysian Dungeon can be found randomly within the Shadow Skylands and is generated mostly out of Elysian Dungeon StoneElysian Dungeon Stone and Elysian Lit Dungeon StoneElysian Lit Dungeon Stone.

Boss Fight


The boss of this dungeon is known as the Elysian Knight. The Elysian Knight has 1,000 health and moves faster than the players walking speed. There is a crystal in the center of the battle arena that can only be damaged by Ice Balls spawned in from the crystal itself. Every 125 damage dealt to the Elysian Knight causes him to become invulnerable and start healing via a beam from the center crystal which stops when an Ice Ball is thrown into it.


Once the Elysian Knight is slain, the player is rewarded with 8 levels of Flux and an Elysian Dungeon Loot KeyElysian Dungeon Loot Key. The crystal in the center is replaced with a Warp PadWarp Pad which takes the player to a room with 4 loot chests. The key can be used to open 1 of the 4 chests though the player can bring extra keys with them for more loot. The possible items that can be obtained include:

Announced Loot

Some pieces of loot will send out a message in the Global channel announcing that you have won a special item.
Announcables: HatHat (Most), Sword SkinSword Skin (Starlight Septum), Bow SkinBow Skin (Rainbow Unicorn Rod and Shooting Starwing), Ram HeadRam Head, Stellar SwordStellar Sword, Stellar AxeStellar Axe, Stellar PickaxeStellar Pickaxe, Shield of RepulsionShield of Repulsion, Valkyrie ChestplateValkyrie Chestplate (Protection VI, Unbreaking X) and MobSpawner Pig Mobspawner Shadow Aerbunny.

Beandon just won Shooting Starwing
Ilker007 just won Perfect Diamond Chestplate
nidefawl just won Hat: plastic_cowboy_red (Effect: 1 Up)


  • Typing /warp Elysian takes you to the Swiss Dungeons Elysian Section.
  • If an Elysian Dungeon happens to not have the boss there, contact a Moderator to reset the dungeon.
  • You cannot teleport into a Dungeon but you can teleport out using /spawn or /tp