Supply Crate Key

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Supply Crate Key
Max stacksize64


Supply Crate Keys are found in the Mining World, and Deepvale. They can be found in any Dungeon that has any type of dungeon stone, or most Deepvale loot chests. On some occasions there can be 2 keys in a dungeon but is not common. These keys can be used to open a Supply Crate.

Players who have played about in a test server or a creative world may know, but spawned in Supply Crate Keys are not able to open the crates, as they require a certain NBT tag to be set on them before they work.


When right clicked on a Supply Crate at the Mining World spawn, it will open the crate and the opener is able to take all of the items inside the crate. Only one player is able to access a crate inventory at one time.