Mining World

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Mining World
Release Date: November 2014
Patch Released: Update 5.8
World Activities:
Gold Rush (Every few hours)
Supply Crate (More on world reset)
April Fools Rushes (EG. TNT Rush)

The Mining World is a relatively new dimension to Craftland, that can be accessed via the portal at "/spawn" or from warping to "/warp Mining". The world was intended to be a sort-of replacement to the failed Hardcore World that was briefly added. The world was also intended to be added to allow coders to add new world generation to a world that didn't require an entire new world for it to spawn in.


The Mining World is NOT a permanent world and is reset semi-frequently by the Administrators of Craftland. Each update usually contains some new sort of terrain generation, biome's, or other bits and pieces. Building any sort of storage that you wouldn't want to lose is definitely not advised, as houses and bases will not be recovered or refunded after the world has been reset.


The Mining World itself has custom world generation that can be changed at any reset, allowing for new things to be added at any time. New unique ores generate in the Mining World, such as Ruby Ore, Zircon Ore, Onyx Ore, and Sapphire Ore. The World also, as its name suggests has more ores than regular worlds, allowing ores to spawn at higher height level.

Ore Biome Drops Goldrush Pts Height
Coal OreCoal Ore Any 1 CoalCoal (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 0 per ore Any
Ambrosium OreAmbrosium Ore Aether 1 Ambrosium ShardAmbrosium Shard (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 0 per ore Any
Iron OreIron Ore Any 1 Iron OreIron Ore (Iron IngotIron Ingot with Inferno PickaxeInferno Pickaxe) 0 per ore Any
Gold OreGold Ore Any 1 Gold OreGold Ore (Gold IngotGold Ingot with Inferno PickaxeInferno Pickaxe) 1 per ore Any
Zanite OreZanite Ore Aether 1 Zanite GemstoneZanite Gemstone (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 1 per ore Any
Diamond OreDiamond Ore Any 1 DiamondDiamond (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 3 per ore Any
Emerald OreEmerald Ore Extreme Hills 1 EmeraldEmerald (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 3 per ore < 84
Ruby OreRuby Ore Desert Biomes 1 RubyRuby (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 3 per ore < 200
Sapphire OreSapphire Ore Snow Biomes 1 SapphireSapphire (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 3 per ore < 200
Zircon OreZircon Ore Any 1 ZirconZircon (Increases based on Fortune enchant) 3 per ore Any
Gravitite OreGravitite Ore Aether 1 Gravitite OreGravitite Ore 3 per ore Any
Onyx OreOnyx Ore Any 1 OnyxOnyx 5 per ore Any
The inside of a stone brick Mining World Dungeon


Similar to Greycliff, Dungeons can be found at all levels in the Mining World.


Inside these dungeons, unlike Greycliff dungeons, the chests inside can contain Crate Key's, which can be used at the spawn of the Mining World to open Supply Crates. These chests can also contain other valuable loot, or more often than not, lots of random items.


The actual structure of the dungeon is often made from Dungeon Stone, such as Angelic Stone, Hellfire Stone, Sentry Stone or Shadow Stone, though Stone Brick dungeons do exist. As Aether dungeons walls are not able to be mined, often the walls of these dungeons are to get the semi-expensive materials to sell or build with.

Red Spawners

Inside the dungeons are spawners of many different mobs, but these spawners are not normal, as they cannot be picked up once mined and will simply be destroyed forever. In general they spawn mobs at the same pace and in the same way that regular spawners work.

A regular Mob Spawner will replace the spawn of a Red Spawner 5% of the time (for certain mob types), allowing the player to keep the spawner.


Much like Greycliff again, the Mining World has leveled mobs, though unlike Greycliff, the levels are not randomised. The further away that you travel from spawn, the progressivly harder and higher leveled mobs you will encounter. Adequate armour protection is recommended as some of these mobs can kill you with ease.

Important Points

Death Chests

Unlike all other dimensions, Tombstones are enabled, but they are not protected. This means that someone else can take your items if they find them. You cannot teleport to your stuff using /return as teleportation is disabled.

Warps and Teleporting

Warps cannot be created by regular players while in the mining world. This is to protect against players mining and creating a warp to the ores they uncovered to help boost themselves in Gold Rush. It is also to add semi-hard aspect to the world, and to stop players attempting to live there. The same applies to /sethome. Teleporting to other players in the mining world is only allowed to players who are in your current party, and while Gold Rush is not active. This again is to combat pre-mining in the Gold Rush event, and to stop players living there.


Players should not attempt to live in the mining world, as there is no LWC locking for players, or regions for players. When the world resets, any and all items lost in there are gone forever. For this reason, griefing does not exist in the mining world for built structures, as a player cannot claim land for themselves.


For a short while, PVP was allowed in the Mining World, but after this occured, it has now been disabled. Killing players in the Mining World in any way is treated the exact same as killing a player in the normal world and is not allowed.