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Health Pts: HP.png 12.5 (25 HP)
Found in: Aether GrassAether
Spawn Rate: Common
Item Drops
1 Swet OrbSwet Orb (Rare)
2 GlowstoneGlowstone (Common)
3 Blue AercloudBlue Aercloud (Common)
  • Always spawns as a Level 1 mob.
  • Small amount of experience when killed.

About + AI

Swets are small, slimelike creatures that spawn in the Aether. They are hostile to all mobs, not just the player,and attack by jumping towards the mob/player and putting them in their bodies. They occasionally tend to suffocate their enemies in the wall, They will then jump higher and higher multiple times, finally dealing fall damage and killing themselves. They come in two varieties, blue and gold. Blue ones drop Blue Aerclouds. Gold ones drop Glowstone Blocks. Gold ones also jump MUCH higher than blue ones. When no enemy or mob is in sight, they will sit aimlessly where they are. They direction they jump when they contain an enemy is random, and occasionally will carry the contained entity off the Aether island and into the below world. Swets will not attack if you are wearing a Swet CapeSwet Cape. Swets will also rarely drop a Swet Orb upon death.

They function similarly to Neonic Swets.



Taming a Swet is simple. All you must do is right-click the Swet and it will become still and stop spawning water particles. To ride a tamed Swet, all you have to do is right-click the Swet. It will engulf you, but it is unmoveable. To get out of the tamed swet, right click again. Tamed swets are unmoveable except for being pushed.